Do You Have Questions about Medicare?

Medicare Five Stars

You didn’t think Signing up would be so difficult…

I’m just a few years away from Medicare.  I thought it would be a great idea to start learning.

When I asked my older brother about his experience.  He just shook his head.  You need to be a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure this stuff out.

Medicare is not a stranger to me.  I have answers.

I used to work in the Medicare department of a very large insurance company as a data analyst. I helped support the sales organization. I learned about Medicare from the agent’s perspective.

I know the rules. I saw how breaking the rules affected consumers’ lives.

Consumers need more information.

Insurance companies employ dozens of people to analyze the data and the market.  And I thought, consumers need this kind of help too.

Where to start?  MedicareFiveStars consists of three parts:  News and Information, Plan Data and Details, and a Forum.  Please make the best use out of each.

Medicare rules keep changing.  So, as I learn, I invite you to look over my shoulder and learn with me. Sign up on the forum and ask questions and share experiences.


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January 1, 1953?
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